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Which are the World’s Most Interesting Communities of Leadership?

Which are the world’s most interesting communities of leadership?

I work from the perspective that we live in a world rich in challenge and opportunity for human evolution.  The moment is catalyzed and focused by rapid change, advances in technology and communication, globalization, a challenged ecology, and political and ideological conflict.

I think that, in the face of challenge and opportunity, people do some of their most generative work in community.   If leadership, however we define that, is a key requirement for evolution, then communities who focus, consciously or less consciously, on leadership are worthy of our attention.

I also think business has a crucial role to play in creating an evolutionary world. Business is about feeding, clothing, housing, healing, educating, informing, connecting, warming, lighting, transporting, pleasing and entertaining people all over the world.   It represents a context for service, creativity, personal practice and self-expression for literally billions of people.  Not a bad brief for a leading role in the story of humanity, in my judgement.

I want to create a list of some of the most interesting communities of leadership I see in the business world, and to use that list as a context for sharing questions and ideas, both about leadership and generally about the way of the world.

The list will be here:  http://lovingwork.org/interesting-communities-of-leadership

If you are reading this, please comment and contribute, through whatever channel appeals.

Scott is at scott@lovingwork.org and @scottdowns3 on Twitter.

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